Mick Tagger

Organize your music with ease!

Half keyboard shortcuts and half smart playlists, Mick Tagger is the best Spotify playlist organizer out there. It is a Swiss Army knife of features to help you manage your playlists and discover new music.

Mick Tagger – 30 Second Demo

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I’ve been looking for something like this for ages. I know all of my playlist names, and the Spotify desktop and mobile just don’t cut it in terms of speed. Dragging through a list of 50+ playlists is tedious and annoying. Being able to just type in the name and have it automatically add is amazing.

– Jake


This is a great app. It makes it really easy to keep track of songs I love and curate my playlists without disrupting my workflow. Highly recommend for anyone who uses Spotify.

– Sara

What does Mick Tagger do?

Keyboard shortcuts for common Spotify actions

Organizing music in Spotify is a mouse-intensive activity. To like a song, save to playlist, queue up songs etc. you have to stop what you are doing and click around the Spotify app, a lot.

Mick Tagger moves all those actions to the keyboard, with easy, intuitive shortcuts, for a fast, non-disruptive experience. This includes typing the playlist name, instead of having to scroll through a large list.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts in Mick Tagger:

  • ENTER to save a song to a playlist whose name you type in
  • CMD + SHIFT + S to like a song
  • CMD + SHIFT + J to queue 3 more songs from the current artist
  • CMD + SHIFT + C to copy shareable links to the current song – works great when sharing in iMessage.
  • and more are on the way…

Mailbox Mondays

There are lots of awesome curated playlists out there that get updated every day with new songs. Wouldn’t it be nice if all those new songs automatically went to the playlist of your choice?

Mailbox Monday allows you to do just that. You group the playlists you follow into “mailbox”-playlists. Those get updated every Monday with all the new songs added to the component playlists. In a sense, this feature is like a customizable newsletter: you choose the playlists you want to keep up to date with, and the app will deliver the newly added songs once a week.

Start your week off right and always have something new to listen to!

Auto Like

Liking songs in Spotify improves your music recommendations. But it can also be a hassle. With Mick Tagger you can of course quickly like a song with the CMD + SHIFT + S shortcut, but with auto like, you don’t have to do a thing.

The premise for auto-like is simple: When you play a song multiple times all the way through, it probably means you like the song, right?

So, with auto-like enabled, let Mick Tagger take care of the liking, get better recommendations, enjoy the listening and get rid of the hassle. You can customize the number of listens after which the app will auto-like the song, and you can always undo if you notice anything amiss.

Evergreen Playlists

Mick Tagger gives you new powers. Before you know it, you’ll be adding songs left and right. However, some of those adds will be mistakes. Yikes! The songs will be added to playlists, but will forever be skipped. It happens. And it can be a hassle to track down those songs and remove them.

With Evergreen Playlists, Mick Tagger will keep your playlists fresh! The app will figure out which songs you skip often and which you play all the way through. After you’ve skipped a song enough times, the app will remove it from the playlist, so you’ll enjoy your playlists on every listen.

About Us

Mick Tagger is the creation of one lone developer from San Francisco, that, like many of you, loves music but struggles with the annoyances in lack of app usability for pro users.

You can get in touch with me on Twitter: twitter.com/micktaggerapp