MT Update – March 2021

Hi everybody!

There are some technical changes coming to Mick Tagger, but you shouldn’t notice them in your day to day use of the app. However, they are important – they are the foundation on which I will build the next features for the app. Now, it’ll take a while to get these features shipped, but here’s a little teaser:

Social platform sharing. This is one that I personally really want to have – be able to share, on Instagram, FB etc. your weekly stats of what / how / how long you’ve listened. I want a hipster feature of sharing a song you’ve discovered this week, preferably a song from an unknown artist. Going in the same vein as my #HiddenGemFriday posts, I think it would be great to bring more exposure to great, but unknown artists.

Mailbox Mondays with stats. After you create a Mailbox Monday, especially one composed of a dozen other playlists, it’s tricky to know where your favorite discoveries come from. So I want to add some stats to your Mailbox Mondays, so you can know the “success rate” for different sources of songs.

Get the app working on more platforms. The app only works on Macs. With Electron, I can port the app to Windows and Linux. This won’t be an easy transition, and it will likely mean that most of the code will have to be re-written in a new language, but with the custom backend in place this should be more easily doable.

Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud. The app also only works with Spotify for now, but the goal is to open it up to Apple Music and maybe other sources – YouTube is the first one that comes to mind. SoundCloud would be nice, although they don’t yet have any “current track” API. Either way, there are likely many other sources of content you interact with each day where you would benefit from a quick organization tool like Mick Tagger.

Your own radio station. The reason you can’t go live on YouTube and play music from Spotify is because you need to play author’s rights whenever you play a song publicly. But, if you could remotely trigger the song to play in your listeners’ Spotify, then there shouldn’t be a problem. I’m still struggling with the product concept for this one (is it an app, is it a website?), but I could see some use cases for it.

That’s it for now. I have a public roadmap for the app which you can vote on and if you have feature ideas or issues with the app, hit me up on Twitter @micktaggerapp. Stay tuned for the app updates in the next couple of weeks!